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The Lord never grows weary of calling us to change our lives, to take a new step towards Him by being converted. Lent is a time that is helpful for conversion, for growing close to God, for changing our life.  The Lord doesn’t frighten us. He is like a father of a child whom he has to correct. He knows that if he approaches him with a stick in hand, things will not go well. He has to approach him with trust and confidence.

Jesus begins by inspiring trust and confidence, to lead us to forgiveness, and a change. He does not want to beat us and condemn us. He gave His life for us! Come to the Lord with an open heart: He is a Father who is waiting for you.

It is helpful to me to see this attitude of the Lord: the [attitude of a] father with the child who thinks he is big, that he is all grown up, and yet is only halfway there. And the Lord knows that all of us are halfway there, and often we need this, we need to hear these words: ‘Come on, don’t be afraid, come. There is forgiveness.’ And this encourages us. Go to the Lord with an open heart: He is the Father who is waiting for you.

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