Pope Francis Teaches .....

The best wine is yet to come....

Mary is attentive to the needs of the newlyweds.  So she notices that the wine has run out.  Wine is a sign of happiness, love and plenty.

Mary approaches Jesus with confidence; Mary prays, she immediately tells her Son of the newlyweds’ problem. At the Cross on Calvary, she accepted us as her sons and daughters when the sword pierced her heart.  She teaches us to put our families in God’s hands, to pray, to kindle the hope which shows us that our concerns are also God’s concerns.

Praying always lifts us out of our worries and concerns.  It makes us rise above everything that hurts, upsets or disappoints us, and it puts us in the place of others, in their shoes.  The family is a school where prayer also reminds us that we are not isolated individuals; we are one and we have a neighbour close at hand: he or she is living under the same roof, is a part of our life, and is in need.

In the family, miracles are performed with what little we have, with what we are, with what is at hand… many times, it is not ideal, it is not what we dreamt of, nor what “should have been”.  The new wine of the wedding feast of Cana came from the water jars, the jars used for washing, we might even say from the place where everyone had left their sins…

In our own families and in the greater family to which we all belong, nothing is thrown away, nothing is useless.

And this is the good news: the finest wines are yet to be tasted; for families, the richest, deepest and most beautiful things are yet to come.  The time is coming when we will taste love daily, when our children will come to appreciate the home we share, and our elderly will be present each day in the joys of life.  The finest of wines will come for every person who stakes everything on love.  And it will come in spite of all the variables and statistics which say otherwise; the best wine is yet to come for those who today feel hopelessly lost.  Say it until you are convinced of it: the best wine is yet to come.  Whisper it to the hopeless and the loveless.  God always seeks out the peripheries, those who have run out of wine, those who drink only of discouragement.  Jesus feels their weakness, in order to pour out the best wines for those who, for whatever reason, feel that all their jars have been broken.

As Mary bids us, let us “do what he tells us” and be thankful that in this, our time and our hour, the new wine, the finest wine, will make us recover the joy of being a family.

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